Matching your taste to awesome wines

We help build your wine taste profile to match and hand-deliver a quality bottle every two weeks

Your taste profile

As a member, we send you a free tasting kit a week after your first bottle arrives.

The tasting kit has 6 different wines which will help you kick start the build to your taste profile.

Your taste is at the heart of this wine experience.

Wine knowledge

Once you get your tasting kit, you will chat to half-bot-half-human VINNY who will accompany you and walk you through the tasting process.

VINNY will also give you tips on how and what wines to order at restaurants based on your taste preferences.

As we learn more about your tastebuds, the wines you get become tastier and better!

Big savings on bottles

Have you ever tried buying a single bottle online? Gosh! It is expensive!

Our large delivery network means we don't need to charge an arm and a leg for delivery, even if it's just a single bottle.

You could save over £200 year with VINNY as compared to buying the same bottles elsewhere online.


including delivery


including delivery

Monthly prices

With Vinny, you get two taste matched bottles a month. These are prices for ordering a comparative single bottle of wine every two weeks from another retailer.

How it works

We start by asking you what you think you like

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with your wines

Your personalised wine experience


tasting kit
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Discover a new taste matched bottle every two weeks

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A smashing taste-matched bottle every two weeks. Delivered.

If you don't like your wine, just cork or screw it and send it back to us. We will send you another one. That is our taste guarantee.